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About Bina Etawa

Located in Sagar district, Bina Etawa is a municipality town in the beautiful state of Madhya Pradesh. According to the administrative setup Bina is a tehsil with its headquarters being at Bina Etawa. Being one of the developing and progressive taluk it has huge potential in terms of economic and business activities which in turn benefit the area as well as the state. Many prominent industries are based in Bina Etawa like the only oil refinery of Central India, power station, thermal plant, agro based industries and many others. Even as tourists spot it is one of the preferred location for the vacationers in Madhya Pradesh specially for its historical significance. The city had evidence of being an administrative center of the Gupta Empire. Several religious spots as well as remains of the age old heritage attract visitors time and again.

History of Bina Etawa

Bina city is located in the area which was earlier location of a village named Etawa. In 1923, a railway junction was constructed in the area and named as Bina Railway Junction since the same was located beside the famous Bina River. It was only after this that the name of the place was changed to Bina Etawa so as to remove the confusion of matching with Itawa at Uttar Pradesh as well as provide a new identity to the area. It was from then onwards that the name on all government documents were changed as well as Bina Etawa Municipal Corporation was constructed.

Archeological Significance of Bina Etawa

About Bina EtawaThe significance of Bina tehsil has increased a lot due to its close proximity to the ancient historical city Eran, on the banks of Bina River. It is stated that this city is one of the oldest places in Madhya Pradesh. It is a historical region where one can found huge number of inscriptions and scriptures of the ancient Indian history. It is said that Eran was the capital city of Airikina Pradesha or Airkina Vishaya which an administrative division of the Gupta Era. The coins found here of the early era depicts the name of Airkina. According to the inscriptions found in Sanchi, the inhabitants of Eran had given gifts to the famous and magnificent Stupa located here. It may also be noted that it is the first place where the first ever monument of Sati which dates back to 510 AD was found here.

History of Bina Etawa
Vishnu Temple at Eran, Madhya Pradesh

Some of the important inscriptions which increase the historical significance of the area include Inscriptions of Samudragupta (dated 350 AD), Budhgupta (dated 465 AD), Torman (dated 485 AD), Bhanugupta (dated 510 AD) and Shridharvarman (dated 280 AD). Apart from this several religious and historical places located in the Bina tehsil shows the historical influence in the city which are also important tourist destinations here.

Geography of Bina Etawa

Bina Etawa is located on the meridians based at 24°10’ N Latitude and 78°10’ E Longitude. The average altitude of the area is 412m from the sea level. Bina tehsil is one of the prominent areas of the state especially for its fertile soil which supports the agriculture here and the main two rivers passing through the tehsil area, the Betwa and Bina river. This two rivers forms the primary water resource for Bina tehsil. The location of the tehsil remains bounded by prominent places of the state which includes Mungaoli Tehsil towards North , Khurai Tehsil towards southern part, Malthone Tehsil towards Eastern zone and Kurwai Tehsil towards west . the soil majorly found here is black soil.

Demography of Bina Etawah

As per the latest approximation after the census 2011, the city Bina Etawa has a total population of 64,529 inhabitants. The proportions of male inhabitants are higher here in comparison to females living here. The percentage discrimination shows there is a total count of 52% male to a figure of 48% females. However the people here understands the importance of education and that is why as per the latest figures around 73% people are literate which is much higher to the country’s average of 59%. Of this there are around 79% male literate and around 65% female literates.

Climate of Bina Etawa

The climate of Bina Etawa is hot and humid. Sun tropical temperature prevails in this part of the country. The summer months are hot under the scorching sun. Usually the temperature in Bina Etawa from April to June remains quite hot with the highest being recorded at 48°C in the month of May. Again the winter season which stretches from November end to February remains quite cool and pleasant except in December end and beginning of January when the temperature goes down to almost 10°C. South west winds blow during the summer months whereas the winters have north east winds blowing through the city. The average rainfall in this area is recorded at 1235mm only. The temperature here however is quite favorable for agricultural produce. The best time to visit Bina Etawa is the beginning of winter season in October and November or during the end of it in the month of February and March. It is better to avoid the summer months since blazing heat refrains visitors from comfortable stay and sightseeing.

Administration of Bina Etawa

Bina Etawa is a municipality town and it is administrative headquarter of Bina tehsil. There are around 181 villages in Bina tehsil and 63 Panchyats working in the area. The Nagar Palika Parishad here is in charge of the development of the area in terms of roadways, hygiene, street lights, sewage, drinking water, habitable environ, free medication and many others. There are several panchyat office which also works in these matters at a local level.

Bina Etawa Nagar Palika Parishad
Address: Station Road
Achwal Ward
Bina Etawa, Madhya Pradesh 470113

Culture of Bina Etawa

A combination of all major caste and creed is available in Bina Etawa of Madhya Pradesh. There are settlers from other states and cities especially for the industries booming here. As a result of this amalgamation there is a mixture of all cultural activities. The language majorly used in Bina Etawa is Hindi. However there is much popularity for languages like English and Bhojpuri too. Due to having fewer resources, exposure is little but still there is popularity of cultural activities. The school here in Bina Etawa takes enough initiative to implement various cultural programs in their schedule. Folk music and dance have huge popularity in this area. Some of the popular musicals here include Moni, Saira and Baredi.

Culture of Bina Etawa
Baredi dance

The festival celebrated in this area includes Holi, Ram Nabami, Rakhi Utsav, Diwali and Dushera. Apart from this the two most major festivals are Teej and Gangaur. Teej is celebrated in a grand way for three days here where married women of the town worships to Lord Shiva and Parvati for their marital bliss as well as for the prosperity of the family. It is celebrated in the month of July and August and it also marks the beginning of monsoon season which helps in agricultural produce. A similar enthusiasm in Bina Etawa is visible during Gangaur festival which is a similar festival to Teej and celebrated in the month of March. Here too the womenfolk of the town prays for prosperity, welfare and celebrates harvesting time. Other religion festivals are also quite popular here. Since the population of the town includes Muslim and Jains too, festivals like Mahavira Jayanti and Parushan Parva in Jain people, Id-ul-Fitr, Shab-i-Barat, Ramzan, Muharram Id-uz-Zuha, and Id-i-Milad in Muslims are popular festivals celebrated here.

On whole the people of Bina Etawa is quite cultural and they prefer to retain their rich heritage and cultural values but at the same time respects modern values and theories which helps to become a progressive city.

Business and Economy in Bina Etawa

One of the key features which helps the town in becoming a progressive city is the development in the field of business and industries which helps the city to shine and generate considerable profits both for it as well the state. One of major industries operating in this area includes Bharat Oman Refineries Ltd or BORL which is a combined venture of Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. It is the only oil refinery operating in Central India. The company BORL has set up in total six MMTPA grass root refinery in the city premises. . The oil refinery is designed with state -of-the -art technologies which enables it to produce various type of Middle east crude.

Industries in Bina Etawa
Economic Profile of Bina Etawa

Apart from this there are thermal plants which are also quite famous in Bina Etawa. The first one a 1200kV National Test Station is located in Bina. It is constructed by Powergrid Corporation in the PPP model with 35 Indian makers as well as National High Power Test Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. (NHPTL). It is a joint venture company. Another 1200MW thermal plant named as Bina Thermal Power Plant is being constructed here by the famous Jaypee groups. Though the whole plant is yet to get operational a part of it consisting of 500MW is already working.

Irrespective of the projects going on there are plans both by the Government as well private industries to construct their business plants here. There are plans of Jaypee group constructing a Cement Factory in Bina Etawa whereas the Government has plans of starting a Bina Bhopal Investment Corridor which has a proposal of around of US$1bn investment in various projects including verticals of Chemicals, Fabricated metal Production, Electrical Equipments, machinery and other equipments.

Agricultural machinery is quite in demand in this town since agricultural income is a major income source in Bina Etawa. There are several companies involve in this business type with a lot exported to other cities and states. Agricultural produce is also an important part of income in Bina Etawa. It is predominately a Rabi crop harvesting area and the highest production here is of wheat crops. There are several types and varities of wheat crop being cultivated here. The total production of wheat is divided among the farmers one for personal use while other for the outside market. Gram is also cultivated sufficiently in Bina Etawa. This is majorly because gram is primarily harvested in black soil and the same is found in Bina Etawa too. Apart from this there is a some production of linseed, jowar, paddy and sesamum.

Animal Husbandry is another mode of earning in this region. Cattle farming, poultry farming, fishery business is quite popular among the inhabitants here.

Food in Bina Etawa

Bina Etawa being a town located near the border areas of Madhya Pradesh with close proximity to Uttar Pradesh, and that is why the cuisine here has a huge influence of both the states. Since the production of wheat is maximum here, it is considered as the staple food of this region. The cuisine here is a mixture of multiple styles of which Madhya Pradesh style and Uttar Pradesh Awadhi style has the maximum influence. Even the influence Bihar cuisine is also visible in some dishes. However the cuisine is not restricted to traditional style here and one can find good variety of modern cooking too in popular dishes in Bina Etawa restaurant and food joints.

Food in Bina Etawa
Food in Bina Etawa

Among the popular dishes available here, dal roti and kheer puri is really special. Made out of a high quality wheat variety, the roti and puri prepared here, posses an altogether different and delicious taste. Kheer is a sweet rice pudding made with dry fruits and makes a wonderful breakfast dish to savor. The later however is specially made during the festival times like Janmashtami. Daliya is another popular breakfast in Bina often served with milk or pulses. Dal Bhari Puri is another preferred dish and a wholesome which needs nothing else to be served with it. In sweet dish there are some good options available in Bina. Lapsi , Bhutte ki kheer, besan ke laddo are some of the best deserts available in the city. For snacks one must try the crispy khatta mitha chivda with a cup of hot tea and enjoy a relaxing evening. There are various food joints in Bina Etawa which can be explored for authentic dishes. There are local dhabas and small restaurants which also serve quality food . However some of the best food joints are listed below for reference

Kartik Restaurant
Address: A-10, Station Road
Veer Savankar Ward, Behind LIC Office
Bina Etawa, Dist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh 470113
Phone: 7580 223829

Decision Restaurant
Address: Khurai Road, Ravi Shankar Ward
Near City Hospital
Bina Etawa, Dist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh 470113
Phone: 7580 225851

Anand Restaurant
Address: Cinema Chowk, Station Road
Bina Etawa, Dist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh 470113
Phone: 7580 223616, 7580 223953

Parsaa Restaurant
Address: Badi Bazariya, Tehsil-Bina
Bina Etawa, Dist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh 470113
Phone: 7580 225717

Shopping in Bina Etawa

Shopping in Bina Etawa can be a real entertaining activity since there are a lot of local markets which has numerous shops selling all kinds of goods from electronic goods to wooden furniture, home décor items to kitchen utensils, garment shops to footware stores, jewellery or fashionable accessories, grocery stores to spice market, sab ji mandi and many others. Infact all kinds of goods are available here but the numbers of shops are limited. The area is devoid of any proper shopping malls but there are local markets like Bina market, Sahu Market, Badi Bajaria Market, Royal Market etc which can be explored for quality goods.

Society in Bina Etawa

Social discrimination and difference in social status is a extremely detrimental for a progressive city. But this is a situation which is true for all places and that is where the social service groups and the charitable trusts come forward to help those who are in need of it and maintain the social value of the region. Society in Bina Etawa, just like many other places of the country is filled with various social causes like financial status discrimination, women education, child education etc but it is the active involvement of the NGO and social service providers that today it is counted as one of the developing areas of Madhya Pradesh. The social workers here have worked on issues like employment, education, hygiene, health problems, skill development, child labour, women empowerment and many others. Some of the popular NGO operating in Bina Etawa are

Samanway Mandapam
Chairman: Poonam Thakur
Address: Station Road
Near Hari Clinic
Bina Etawa, Dist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh 470113
Phone: 07580 223191, 07580 223155, 9425002847
E-mail :

Excellent Education and Welfare Movement
Chairman: Deepak P Mathur
Address: 4/78,Kanoongo Ward
Bina Etawa, Dist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh 470113
Phone: 07580 222727, 9754960267

Bundelkhand Christian Social Services
Chairman: Vimal K Singh
Address: Dr. Pancham Compound, Veer Sawarkar Ward,
Bina Etawa, Dist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh 470113
Phone: 9826830832

Healthcare Facilities in Bina Etawa

Healthcare Facilities deserves topmost priority in any city or state and the same is true for Bina Etawa too. Health problems and emergency medical situations never come with prior intimation so it is very crucial that a city has good hospitals and Nursing homes spread across its area to cater any emergency or crucial situations. Such a scenario is visible in Bina Etawa where health problems are given maximum importance and there are clinics, health centers , nursing homes and Government hospitals to cater the patients at the earliest. Like every other city, Bina Etawa has a Government Hospital at Chandra sekhar Ward which is supported by PHC center spread in and around the city.

Hospitals in Bina Etawa
Healthcare Services in Bina Etawa

Bina Etwa has availability of both private and Government hospitals which serve their best with efficient doctors and latest technology equipments. Though for too much critical cases one may has to shift the patient Sagar District Hospital or to Bhopal for a more complex treatment since all facilities are not available in the city. However for other cases one may always refer to the Government hospital in Bina. There are private Nursing homes also who have enough facility to serve the patients at its best. All hospitals have separate wards and dedicated pathology centers for quick treatment and better medical care.

Government Hospital
Address: Khurai Road, Chandrashekhar Ward
Near LIC Office
Bina Etawa Dist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh 470113
Phone: 7580 225618

Vivekananda Kendra BORL Hospital
Address: 1, Town Ship, Agasod
Near Central Bank Of India
Bina Etawa Dist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh 470113
Phone: 7580 275317

Singhai Rajkumar Memorial Hospital
Address: Khimlasa Road, Chandrashekhar Ward
Near Kanta Medicals
Bina Etawa Dist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh 470113
Phone: 7580 223494, 7580 223089

Hari Nursing Home
Address: 113, Station Road
Near Sreekanj Tractors Building
Bina Etawa Dist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh 470113
Phone: 7580 223191

Diwan Nursing Home
Address: MS Complex, Ground Floor
Near Anand Steels
Station Road, Bina Etawa Dist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh 470113
Phone: 7580 223593

To support this medical treatment there are some excellent pathology labs which work at their best under supervision of well trained and experienced medical staff. Though the number of labs are not many but still the two prominent ones operating in the tehsil facilitates the people here with all kids of blood testing, urinary testing, ultra sonography’s and xrays. The details of these pathology labs are

Tourism in Bina Etawa

Bina Etawa is one of the prominent tourist places in Sagar district especially for the multiple number of religious places based in and around the city and also for the historical significance of the area. A religious site in Bina majorly includes Hindu and Jain temples which attracts a lot of vacationers round the year. Though there are presence of other religion it is the Hindu and Jain temples which are filled with excellent artistry, skilled craftsmanship and unparallel faith. An excellent example of the same is evident in Nisai Ji which is based in the banks of River Betwa and it belongs to Shri Taaran Taran who was the founder of the Panth in Jainism.

Bina Etawa Tourism
Tourism in Bina Etawa

Another prominent place in the city is Anekant Gyan Mandir, which has preserved the age old manuscripts on various theories of Jainism. Again on the banks of River Motichur, there is a beautiful Hindu temple which presently is taken care by Shree Dev Raghunath Trust. The Hindu temple is dedicated to Maa Jogeshwari Shaktipeeth, which is another form of Hindu Goddess Durga. In the same premises one can also find a Sai Baba Mandir. Every year on the 14th of February a special event known as Sai Baba Palki Yatra is organized here with huge devotees coming from the nearby villages to offer their prayers.

Apart from religious spots one can find huge historical significance in the area. As mentioned earlier, the place has been a part of administrative wing of Gupta Empire and has footfalls from famous historical legends of that era. One can find inscriptions of various historical heroes and can witness some of the oldest temples which shares religious as well historical importance. Such list of temples include Varah Temple(485 AD), Vishnu temple(350 AD), Lord Hanuman temple, Narsingh temple and the Garuda Piller which is actually 48 feet tall. The latter was built in 465 AD. One can also visit the Khimlasa fort to fetch a better vision on the history of the area.

Apart from this tourist can also visit the Gayatri Temple or the Masjid Al Bina, Dr M Bina Park, and Old Church which are also promising tourist spots.

Transport in Bina Etawa

Excellent transportation system is one of the best features of Bina Etawa city and its nearby areas. It helps in growth, business as well as in promoting tourism in the area. Being a prominent city in Madhya Pradesh, Bina Etawa connects other parts of the country through multiple modes of transport like air, railways and roads.The nearest airport to Bina Etawa is Raja Bhoj Airport based in Bhopal and which is located at a distance of 166km from the heart of the city. The airport has regular flights to some of the prominent cities of the country like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Indore etc. The distance from Bina Etwa to the airport can be covered in a travelling time of 3hrs through state Highway 19. However it can also be travelled through Guna Bhopal Road, which takes an hour more to reach the destination.

Transport in Bina Etawa
Bina Railway Station

The major railway station is the Bina Junction Railway station which is a part of West Central Railway Zone and Bhopal division. The railways here serve as the most preferred medium of travel for both shorter and longer distances. There are total 5 platforms in the station and it connects a number of places Punjab, Lucknow, Bilaspur, Kota, Bhopal, Guna, Nagda, Amritsar,Katni, Darbhanga, Jhansi and many others. The nearest station to Bina Jn is Agasod and Baghora whereas the nearest major station is Bhopal Jn.

Apart from this traveling by roads is also an excellent option considering the admirable roads and state highways covering Bina Etawa and the nearby area. To travel by roads one can take the option of public buses or can opt for car hire. There are a number of local buses available from Bina Etawa of which some are MPSRTC buses while others are private companies. There are a lot of local buses travelling to Bhopal from where one can fetch buses for a wider network of places

Another good option for traveling through roads is by availing car rental services. These services can be booked for few hours or for few days depending on the requirement. In Bina Etawa though one cannot find too many options in this regard but still there are companies providing excellent services in this regard. These car hire agencies have a wide range of cars to choose from and the rates are also diverse according to the booking criteria. However it is advisable to bargain for the best deal. Some of the well reputed Car Hire Agencies in Bina Etawa are

Pateria Tour & Travels
Kurwai Road, Indira Gandhi Ward
Bina Etawa, Dist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh 470113
Phone: 8463898936

Bina Tours
Station Road
Bina Etawa, Dist Sagar, Madhya Pradesh 470113
Phone: 9877745676

Quick Facts To Bina Etawa

Division : Sagar
District Head Quarters : Sagar
Language : Hindi and English,bhojpuri
Alternate Tehsil Name: Beena Tehsil
Elevation / Altitude: 414 meters. Above Seal level
Telephone Code / Std Code: 07580
Vehicle Registration Number: MP-15
RTO Office : Sagar

In a nutshell , Bina Etawa is one of the progressive cities of Madhya Pradesh which has a lot of potentional for business development and commercial growth. It has scope for growth in every sector and it has a stable infrastructure to support the same. However for the tourist it is a pleasant trip to visit the city and enjoy a lovely and relaxing vacation.

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